Who is Langscape?

At Langscape we are a small team and we have a network of carefully chosen collaborators. We all fulfil two fundamental principles: the aim for perfectionism and the passion for our work.

About me:

Laura Romero Cortals

Laura graduated in Translation and Interpreting in Barcelona and speaks Catalan, Spanish, English, Japanese and French. She was born in Girona and, in addition to living in the town with the most beautiful cathedral in the world; she has also lived in Barcelona, ​​Kyoto, London, Andorra and Valencia, where she currently resides.

Her adventures around the world have led her to work in the fields of translation, language teaching and hostelry.

As a restless mind, now she offers language services and SEO positioning for companies, an idea that arose from the desire to offer added values ​​to the mere writing of contents, thus providing comprehensive solutions for companies that want online visibility for their web pages and online stores.

She has worked on this for some years now, and she can offer the precious combination of knowledge, experience, a portfolio with several successful projects and the valuable satisfaction of her clients. She is one of those people who never get bored: she likes learning new things, baking cakes, hiking, travelling and getting to know new places, enjoying quality time with her beloved ones… and she is a declared fan of Google.

Langscape collaborates with…

At Langscape we know that the gear of a company involves many parts and that all of them must work at their best, not only for a good performance but to work comfortably and to have the best possible options on the market.

Therefore, the online business environment of a company goes far beyond having good contents or a nice web page, but the set of resources and existing elements on internet make it necessary to surround yourselves as a company of several professional experts in each area: web development, online marketing, SEO positioning, Social Media management, language services, tailor made applications for a company…

For this reason, Langscape collaborates closely with the following companies and organisations:


Dinatur is a Valencia-based company, dedicated to the tourist promotion and with a young, professional team of enthusiasts. They have one of the best and most powerful booking engines on the market, and they are constantly working with innovative and efficiency-based ideas in order to be the best booking engine.

What do you need to know about Dinatur? They are specialized in hotels and tourism-related companies and, in addition to the booking engine; they offer web page design and online stores design and hotel marketing consulting, with an unbeatable value for money and customer service.