Langscape: Web positioning or Google natural, organic SEO in Valencia (Spain)

A web page or online store is not efficient on its own:  it needs to be optimised in order that Google and other search engines, consider it relevant and consequently your potential customers find it on Google easily.

What distinguishes us is international SEO positioning, in order to reach clients from many countries.  For this, our optimised content can be in Spanish, Catalan, English and other languages: French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian …

6 principles or reasons why you can rely on Langscape for SEO positioning of your web page or online store.

1)      Efficiency:  Guaranteed ROI

At Langscape we think any investment made should be worthwhile. Therefore, we analyse previously in a pre-SEO study the potential of the criteria for positioning in Google, to decide jointly with our clients, the most viable strategy when targeting the ROI (Return on Investment).

Langscape projects are tailor-made and personalised:  we only offer what is necessary in each case to optimise your company’s page or online shop in Google, in whichever languages are required: Spanish, English, Catalan and others.


4)      After-sales follow-up of the natural SEO positioning of your web page or online store without additional charge

In Langscape we do not disregard our clients once the optimisation of the web page or online store for organic and natural SEO has been achieved.  We periodically monitor your web page or online store in Google to make sure it is progressing and, if necessary, we suggest parallel actions to make further adjustments and thereby achieve an optimal Google result.


2)      Organic, natural Onpage Positioning

Another Langscape guarantee is that our SEO is organic and natural, following the most updated and recommended guidelines of Google’s algorithm.


5)      International web positioning: translations with SEO

At Langscape we offer comprehensive solutions for international SEO positioning.   If your goal is to reach clients from other countries or in other languages (Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Russian …) we will optimise the translations of the contents to achieve an international position in Google.


3)       What else does “organic and natural SEO” mean? We do not make “campaigns” nor ask for monthly fees.  A page = an adjustment

One of the great advantages of organic and natural positioning on web pages and online stores is that once optimised for Google, it will be maintained over the long term:  after making an initial and affordable investment in the web page or online store in the required languages (Spanish, English, Catalan and others), it will not be necessary to pay monthly instalments indefinitely.


6)      Consulting and SEO audits in Valencia (Spain)

As added value to our work of organic and natural web positioning, Langscape offers consulting and SEO audits:

Would you like a second opinion about what was done previously on your company’s page or online store?  Contact Langscape for our SEO consulting services.

Would you like to go beyond consulting and need an SEO audit?  At Langscape we conduct transparent SEO audits to inform you about what works, and what may be improved.


For further information,

please contact Langscape (Valencia).