Langscape: advice on social media and SEM for companies in Valencia (Spain)

Nowadays company social media is not an option for most companies, but a pure necessity, in order not to be left behind and to match the competition, projecting a modern and dynamic company image.  Likewise, it is sensible to take advantage of the fact that social media is a meeting point for thousands of people who all share their experiences and opinions about products.


Community Manager in Valencia?  Social Media Manager in Valencia?  Better: advice and guidance on managing company social media

Langscape goes beyond the widespread figure of a Community Manager or a Social Media Manager to offer a hybrid management model between a company and ourselves.

Through this hybrid model, we expect the company, who knows its product, its environment and its customers best, to offer the immediacy of fresh and transparent information.  However, through constant advice and mutually shared work with Langscape in Spain, we will achieve greater visibility on social media and professionalism within them.  In addition to the functionality and quality of the result, another advantage of this hybrid model is that the social media management budget will be highly affordable.

Therefore, instead of acting as Community Manager or Social Media Manager in Spain, we guide our clients and only interpose in order to professionalise their own actions on social media.


If I have SEO positioning … Do I really need SEM?

SEM or online marketing campaigns to increase the web positioning and, therefore, online visibility, usually consist of Adwords specific or on-going campaigns, or in social media like Facebook, etc.

While it is possible to distinguish between what SEO and SEM are, Langscape always recommends the optimising of a website by organic and natural on-page SEO positioning to ensure minimum investment and maximum performance (ROI), SEM actions are recommended in particular cases and at specific moments.

We provide advice on how to use SEM with a ROI goal, and manage SEM campaigns in multiple languages.

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