Professional Blogger, or how to position a company blog in Spain

A company blog is a very useful tool, not only for content such as news or offers, but it allows the positioning of your web page or online store in Google’s SEO, and at the same time offers a modern, dynamic and intimate company image to both customary and potential clients.


Are you looking for a professional blogger to manage your corporate blog or online store?

At Langscape we know that running a company, whether it is an online store or a physical location such as an office or a catering establishment, entails a great and constant effort. For this reason, perhaps, the most frequently heard phrase of professionals about their own and autonomous management of the company’s blog or of online store is “we don’t have enough time!

At Langscape we act as your blogger, creating content with the aim of disseminating news, promotions, and information of interest about your company or online store, to both its clients and potential clients…

At Langscape we manage professional blogs for companies in Valencia (Spain), with either one or both of two objectives:
  • create or manage corporate content,
  • position the blog with Google’s SEO through optimised content.

This second option responds to the need to position the blog web pages of companies and online stores in Valencia and the rest of Spain, whereby Langscape offers its professional corporate blog management as an added value to its SEO positioning services.


How to position a blog?  Optimised content for Langscape’s SEO

Langscape also offers its SEO positioning services as a professional blogger:  we create optimised content and, consequently, turn the corporate blog into a dynamising force for the entire company’s website or online store, and we integrate within it a great deal of Google’s search criteria.

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